Spring Nails: The New White

IMG_2343 IMG_2344

Nails Inc. recently released their new line of pastels, a collection named “The New White.” There are four colors (left to right): Whitehall, Swan Street, Lily Road, and Whitehorse Street. Whitehall is a pale peach. Swan Street is a soft mint. Lily Road is a baby pink. Whitehorse Street is light gray with a hint of purple. The intensity¬†of the color in the polishes changes in different light, ranging from almost white to true pastels. The polish can apply patchy if you’re not careful, but two thin, light coats applied with a steady hand results in a beautiful finish. I use a base coat and top coat with this polish which helps prolong the wear time. I’ve been wearing Swan Street for three days now and have minimal chipping. This is one of my favorite nail polish purchases I’ve made in recent years and I plan to wear these colors all spring and summer. These are great if you want a clean, classic nail with a hint of color.